For full details on each paper, see the proceedings.

Time Session
09:00 AM Introduction
09:15 AM Invited talk: Who is the User? (abstract, slides)
Andrew Martin, University of Oxford
10:00 AM Talk 1: Managing Access to Security Hardware in PC Browsers (slides)
Laurent Castillo, Gemalto
10:30 AM Break
11:00 AM Talk 2: Using the W3C WebCrypto API for document signing (slides)
Nick Hofstede, Inventive Designers
11:30 AM Talk 3: Can the Web really use secure hardware? (slides)
Justin King-Lacroix, University of Oxford
12:00 PM Talk 4: Towards Enhancing Web Application Security Using Trusted Execution (slides)
Cornelius Namiluko, University of Oxford
12:30 PM Lunch at Da Mario
02:00 PM (short talk) Bringing hardware security to the web
Krishna Ksheerabdhi, Gemalto
02:15 PM (short talk) The Evolution of Authentication: The Role of Secure Hardware in Overcoming Authentication Challenges (paper, slides)
Rolf Lindemann, FIDO Alliance
02:30 PM Invited talk: Upcoming security features in mobile devices (abstract, slides)
Patrik Ekdahl, Ericsson
03:15 PM Break
03:45 PM Talk 5: A Path Towards Ubiquitous Protection of Media
Martin Pirker, Graz University of Technology
04:15 PM Talk 6: Threat Model of a Scenario Based on Trusted Platform Module 2.0 Specification (slides)
Jiun Yi Yap, Royal Holloway, University of London
04:45 PM Panel discussion
05:15 PM Wrap up
05:30 PM End of workshop

The WASH’13 workshop is sponsored by Gemalto



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